Your ultimate guide to winning the fertility waiting game with ease and confidence.

Your sister: “Just relax. Stressing makes it harder.” 

Your mom: “Don't worry. Give it time.”

Your friend: “What worked for us was a weekend away in the mountains with a hot tub and a bottle of Patron.”

Your doctor: “Okay, so the next thing we could try is…”

The Internet: “Here are 245 billion articles to read, and oh by the way, if you’re over age 35, good luck to ya.”

Though well-meaning, these statements are completely unhelpful. In fact, they can feel like little stabs to the heart, further deflating the balloon of hope you had when you first started trying to get pregnant. 

For years you’ve successfully shut down those annoying “So when are you going to have kids?” questions. You’ve created a life you love, a life you’re finally ready and excited to share with a new little person. Though the clock wasn’t really ticking before, now it’s going boom-boom-boom. You’re starting to feeling the pressure—and the frustration—that here you are, doing all the right things, getting all your ducks in a row, and it hasn’t happened yet. You're thinking: How come it seems so easy for everyone else?

Whether you’re just starting to pursue pregnancy and want to optimize your chances (because you heard it will be tough at your “advanced age”) or you’ve been diagnosed as subfertile and feel like there’s no chance at all, the Hera Fertility course will give you the tools and the confidence to become your own fertility expert and find peace in the process.

Hera Fertility is a comprehensive, holistic online course that focuses on improving your health generally while boosting fertility specifically. It’s designed to help you optimize your chances of conception, navigate the medical process, and expand your family in a timely and stress-free manner. 

With Hera Fertility you’ll…

Become confident about what your body can do and the choices available to you.

The Internet might be a wealth of information but a lot of it is misinformation and a lot of it is, well, just a lot. The overwhelming amount of information you can find on a search can make it hard to see a clear path for your own fertility journey, and it can amplify the feelings of anxiety about trying to get pregnant. Hera Fertility covers the complete spectrum of the female anatomy, reproductive methods, tests, and procedures. 

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how everything works—your body, his body, medication, procedures, and natural modalities
  • Get strategies to optimize your chances, and more importantly, your long-term health.
  • Feel clear about your personal reproductive choice and what decisions you make.

Reduce the amount of time wasted waiting without action.

One of the toughest aspects of trying to get pregnant is having to sit patiently until the next ovulation, the next time you’re body is ready to try the next treatment or procedure, or the next time you get on your doctor’s schedule. You’re a do-er so know what you can do today to optimize your health and environment to be most conducive to pregnancy. 

  • Learn what things to do throughout your entire cycle to prepare you physically and mentally for what comes next. 
  • You’ll also learn techniques to quiet your mind and find peacefulness in the process.
  • Win the waiting game.

Quit wasting money on things you don’t need or that won’t work for you.

The tests and medications can be such an expensive experience. Learn which tests and procedures you’ll need to consider and at what points in the process given your unique physiology so you’ll know when to spend to the money or when to stop paying for something that clearly won’t work. 

  • Get an overview of ART (advanced reproductive technology)
  • Discover the 3-5 major things that need to be working or done first before you can be considered a good candidate.
  • Feel confident you're making informed, efficient decisions about which path you choose to follow.

Become an expert on your fertility and your own best health advocate.

I hear my patients and women friends vent about not having their concerns adequately addressed by doctors, or receiving little to no guidance about tracking cycles, birth control after the first kid, or testing options. The bottom line is when you have full knowledge of how your body works, you will be able to talk with your doctor with insight and confidence. You’ll be able to work with your doctor collaboratively instead of being told what to do and following orders blindly. 

  • Learn the factors to consider when of "advanced maternal age,” so you can be aware but not fearful.
  • Create a personalized fertility timeline and gain the language and big-picture understanding necessary to create a successful plan with your doctor.
  • Regain power in the process and trust in how you care for your body.

Be welcomed into a community of women who are right there with you in your fertility journey.

When pregnancy isn’t achieved so easily, it can be an isolating experience. You might feel you’re the only one you know having these struggles, but I assure you, you are not alone. When you sign up for Hera Fertility, you will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share joys, and vent concerns in a place of safety and sanctuary. 

  • Have a safe place to voice all of the emotions most of us keep inside and are too afraid to say to our spouse/family/friends.
  • Find fellow women who completely understand what you’re going through and don’t make judgments or assumptions.
  • Feel less afraid and more hopeful and connected. You are not alone. Love is everywhere.

In some cases reverse a prognosis of “infertility.”

“Infertility” implies the inability to get pregnant naturally. It is a term that encompasses time spent trying as well as physical capability. Many couples are labeled “infertile” because of the amount of time that has passed without successfully conceiving. You are only permanently infertile if you are physically incapable without any solution to fix the incapacitation.  

  • Understand what “physically incapable” really is.
  • Discover solutions or alternatives to creating a family.  
  • While the odds may be slimmer for some, the window is not closed until the window is absolutely closed.

Adopt long-term choices that support your health every day.

Hera Fertility isn’t just for women who are trying to get pregnant. It’s for all women who care about their female reproductive health and understand how much influence their fertility has over their entire wellbeing. The strategies for optimizing fertility naturally through diet, nutrition, stress management, etc. are the very same ones that boost your immune system, regulate your hormones, generate positive changes in your monthly cycle.  

  • Learn how to incorporate daily habits that support your entire wellbeing.
  • Discover ways to optimize your monthly cycle regardless of your intention or ability to bear children.
  • Achieve a new level of peace, balance, and wellness that will carry you throughout your life.

Get started now doing the things you can do today to decrease your frustration and increase your odds for conception.







$497 (save $85)

30-day Money-back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within 30 days of purchase. No partial refunds. All refund requests must be made in writing. In order for me to understand the reason for your dissatisfaction and how I might improve the course, a completed exit survey, outlined in terms and conditions, is required at the time of the refund request. Refunds will only be granted with the completed exit survey and written request within 30 days of purchase. 

Who’s behind Hera Fertility?


Physician and founder of Hera Woman

Hera Fertility is an all around labor of love for me both professionally and personally. 

As a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), I am a primary care physician with the knowledge and accreditation to properly diagnose, manage medications and provide natural solutions for health and wellbeing. 

With a deep respect for and educational training in scientific and evidence-based medicine, I have a keen understanding of human physiology (how the body works) and appreciation for the aspects of the human body and health that are not yet discovered or understood. Many of my patients have been women seeking support through the various stages in their fertility journeys, and my work with them has given me an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise with a focus on reproductive health.

As a woman on my own path to motherhood, the idea to create Hera Fertility came at about thirteen months into my own fertility process, one month before turning 40. 

I have wanted to have a baby for the last ten years, but the opportunity to make it happen was never right between pursuing my career or being in relationships that just didn’t work out. Here I was, about to turn 40 (and my boyfriend was 46), and I was finding it wasn’t easy as we thought it was going to be. I began thinking that I am lucky because I am in medicine. I know what to ask, I know the labs, I know the imaging, my friends are medical professionals, etc. I started to wonder how does a woman who does not have this kind of inside track get reliable information that can help her navigate a timely and clear path to motherhood? Especially when she doesn’t even know what to ask her doctor? The concept for Hera Fertility was born.

I believe fertility is an important issue that affects every woman at some point in her life, and empowerment through body knowledge is essential for procreative choice and life-long reproductive health. 

Fertility goes beyond the decision whether to have children; it is often intertwined with personal dreams, social expectation, relationships, spiritual connection, religious beliefs, finances, and time constraints. As such, fertility is often a very emotional process for most women. 

My dearest hope is that the information presented in this course can get a baby in your arms faster, and help you feel at ease during the process. 

What you’ll learn

Hera Fertility is a self-paced online course covering 6 modules through a combination of videos, downloadable handouts, guides, and transcripts. 

There are roughly 15 hours of content which can be reasonably done in about 1-2 weeks depending on how quickly you want to digest and act on the material.

Hera Fertility e-course
reality check

MODULE 1: Reality Check

The lessons in Module 1 set the framework for your experience and emotions. We'll cover:

  • why you want to create a baby
  • how fertility, subfertility, and infertility statistics impact your motivations

MODULE 2: Optimize

This set of 4 lessons offers a fresh perspective so you can feel empowered and proactive every step of the way AND create a perfect environment to invite a new member of the family into. We'll cover:  

  • diet optimizations
  • stress reduction techniques
  • clean living—what it is and how to do it
  • important fertility enhancing nutrients

MODULE 3: Gametes

Comprised of 3 lessons, this module helps you understand how fertilization happens and gain extraordinary appreciation for the egg and sperm. You're guaranteed to say 'wow' at least once! We'll cover: 

  • potential roadblocks from lubricant quality to structural abnormalities
  • specific nutrients for supporting ovarian reserve and sperm quality

MODULE 4: Timing

The 4 lessons of module 4 are a must for all women of all ages and should be part of the she-life curriculum. Timing and hormones are a critical part to conception whether natural, artificial insemination or IVF. We'll cover:

  • hormones during your monthly cycle
  • how to read body cues for your peak fertile window
  • what to look for in tracking apps

MODULE 5: Medical

The 5 lessons in this module are designed to give you a feel as to what your doctor should be ordering for you over time as the longer your fertility process is going on. As a doctor I want to give you some power over your medical decision making. We'll cover: 

  • the doctor's role in assisting fertility
  • labs
  • imaging
  • genetics

MODULE 6: Advanced Topics & Technologies

Comprised of 7 mini lessons for you to explore when you are ready. In this module we'll cover: 

  • reproductive interventions like IVF, insemination, ovary stimulation, egg/sperm donation, and egg surrogates
  • adoption

Bonus Materials

This course includes lots of extras like guides and cheat sheets that are supplemental to the main content. Specifically you’ll get: 

  • Path to conception planner: blueprint for optimal lifestyle, testing and imaging
  • Path to conception: timeline and personal timeline creator tools
  • Worksheets to unlock your fertility why
  • Guide to diet
  • Cheat sheets to critical fertility nutrients
  • Cheat sheets to key hormone supportive herbs
  • Cheat sheet to fertility supportive nutrients
  • Cheat sheet to labs when and why
  • Comprehensive Reference guide to scientific studies. 
  • Bonus modules on fertility health allies and healing modalities. 

My promise to you

This course is designed to support you with tools and guidance. It is not a substitute for having a doctor. The things you will learn through Hera Fertility will give you a framework for you to take responsibility for what you can and be able to effectively communicate with your doctor. 

I can’t promise you that you will achieve pregnancy or that you will achieve pregnancy naturally. I also can’t promise you the process will be easy, either emotionally or physically. 

But I can promise that you will leave this course loaded with practical tools and information that will enable you to navigate your fertility and to make choices that optimize your health and wellbeing. 

I promise you will have what you need to set the pace of interventions (if needed), and to create a clear path with your doctor. 

I promise that you will come through this course feeling much more in control of your body and your decisions and more peaceful about where your fertility journey will take you.

Ready to get started? 







$497 (save $85)

30-day Money-back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within 30 days of purchase. No partial refunds. All refund requests must be made in writing. In order for me to understand the reason for your dissatisfaction and how I might improve the course, a completed exit survey, outlined in terms and conditions, is required at the time of the refund request. Refunds will only be granted with the completed exit survey and written request within 30 days of purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this program even if I’m not sure when or if I want to get pregnant?

Yes. So much of this course is helping women to have the tools to be proactive in not just their fertility, but their reproductive health in general. 

I’ve been diagnosed as infertile. Can this course help me?

Yes, possibly. This course teaches you the difference between infertility and subfertility. It all comes down to the cause and the correctability. This course explores a lot of causes, a lot of tools to correct, and insight into discovery. In this day and age there is more than one way to create a family. So in addition to gaining insightful tools to support your body, you'll learn what avenues are available to help you achieve family. 

How much time will this take to do each week?

It all comes down to how thirsty you are for the information. You can power through a whole weekend or listen to a lesson a day. The pace is up to you. 

I’ve already spent so much money trying to get pregnant. Why should I spend more?

This course was designed to help you not waste anymore time and money on fertility. It gives you a full picture so you can pick which avenues are right for you and how you want to direct your precious resources. Many courses offer a snippet of one aspect of fertility. This course explores all aspects fertility and directs you toward applicable resources. 

Will this course help me to ovulate?

This course can help you discover reasons you might not be ovulating, offers solutions to help you ovulation, and offer tools to help you monitor ovulation. As every woman's body and history is unique, there are no guarantees that every woman's body will respond.

Can I start this course anytime or do I have to wait until I’m at a certain point in my cycle?

Once you purchase the course you can start any time. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. One time payment of $497 or 6 months payment of $97. 

What is your refund policy?

Refunds must be requested in writing, along with an exit survey outlined in the Terms and Conditions within 30 days of purchase.